“The poor suffer less from a lack of generosity than from a lack of organization.” – St. Vincent de Paul

As Vincentians, we participate in a worldwide movement with its own unique history, spirituality, and organization. As the quote above suggests, it is not enough to have a desire to serve those in need. To be effective, that desire must be acted upon in a spirit of charity, friendship, and service. To be a Vincentian is to embrace this belief. If you would like to join us by volunteering your time, please fill out the form below. And thank you.

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Friends of the Poor Walks

The Friends of the Poor® Walk is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s largest fundraising event. The annual 5K Walk takes place in communities all over the United States a part of a national fund-raising effort by St. Vincent de Paul organizations. These walks produce over $2.9 million in contributions nationwide, which help to aid individuals and families in need all across the U.S. As well, 100% of walker pledges going directly back in to the individual communities to help people in need. By participating in your local Friends of the Poor® Walk, you are taking steps to alleviate the suffering of your neighbors and making a difference in the region you call home.

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Poverty Simulation

“Go to the poor: you will find God.” – St. Vincent de Paul

A key element in our goal of “ending poverty through systemic change,” is through our Poverty Education program. This program enables us to promote an understanding of what it means to live in poverty. We provide Poverty Simulation classes to the general public, and “Getting Ahead” classes to motivated individuals looking to walk out of poverty.

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